English Education Graduates Publish in Education Journals

Four English education graduates have published their action research projects or other scholarly works in state, national, and international journals in the past year. All four articles were co-authored by Dr. Alan Brown.

Matt Koval published his action research in STEM Journal, an international journal that focuses on teaching English through media. The title of his article is “Approaching Narrative Text with a Film Director’s Mindset: Producing Real and Imagined Scenes in the Secondary English Classroom.”

Beau Burns published his action research in Florida English Journal, a state journal sponsored by the Florida Council of Teachers of English. The title of his article is “Mining for Gold on the Silver Screen: Using Film to Develop Active Literacy Skills.”

Kate Youngblood worked with Dr. Alan Brown and Dr. Joan Mitchell on a collaborative article published in SIGNAL Journal, a national journal sponsored by the International Reading Association’s Special Interest Group: Network on Adolescent Literature. The title of their article is “‘Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?’: Fighting for Students’ Right to Read.”

Most recently, Christina McClain published her action research in Meridian Journal, an electronic journal dedicated to research and practice of Information and Communication Technology in Kindergarten through 12th grade. The title of her article is “Characterization Personified: Using Edmodo to Strengthen Student Interaction with Literature” and was co-authored by Dr. Geoff Price.