Graduate Program FAQ


Can I study elementary education?

Yes! We now have a graduate program in elementary education.  Beginning in Fall 2016, we offer initial Master Teacher Fellows (MTF) and advanced Master Teacher Associates (MTA) programs in Elementary Education. Both are fully accredited.

How do I apply?

Application information can be found on our Graduate Admissions website, and online applications are available through the Graduate School website. Applications are due on January 15 each year. You will need undergraduate transcripts, recommendation letters, and an essay describing interest. GRE scores are optional. Finalists will be asked to submit a video-taped interview.

Which GRE test should I take?

For students choosing to submit GRE scoers, you should take the general test, which has three parts: Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing.

What kinds of social opportunities are available in Winston-Salem

There is an active Graduate Student Association, which regularly sponsors social activities.