English Education

Undergraduate Students

Prospective English teachers will major in English and minor in Education.

The licensure minor is 30 hours and leads to a North Carolina teaching license. For more information, see the Secondary Education Program page.

The major in English requires a minimum of 33 hours in English courses, including ENG 265; ENG 266 or 275; two pre-1800 British literature courses; the senior seminar ENG 399; and one 300-level English course from each of four groups (I: Genre and Aesthetics; II: History and Literary History; III: Culture; IV: Single Author). For more information, see the English Department’s program requirements.

Within these four groups and/or additional electives, English education minors are also required to complete at least one 200-300 level writing or creative writing course and at least one 300 level course matching the following criteria: (1) American literature; (2) Shakespeare; (3) multicultural or world literature; (4) linguistics or grammar; (5) poetry, theatre/drama, or film.

Graduate Students 

At the graduate level, students complete either the Master Teacher Fellows (MTF), Master Teacher Associates (MTA), or Master of Educational Studies (MES) program in 13 months, including a student teaching internship in a local high school for MTFs. Potential applicants must have at least 24 credit hours in advanced English prior to admission to be considered highly qualified. These credit hours may include courses in each of the following areas:

  • American Literature
  • British Literature before 1800
  • Multicultural and/or World Literature
  • Shakespeare
  • Writing
  • Linguistics, Grammar, and/or Rhetoric
  • Poetry, Theatre, and/or Film 

For more information about the MTF/MTA/MES programs, see our Overview of Graduate Programs.

For inquiries related to the English education program, please contact the program coordinator: Dr. Alan Brown