Calculus BC, New Teachers – APSI Course Description

for teachers who have never taught AP or have 1-3 years  AP experience)

Instructor TBA

During the Institute, all topics for an AP Calculus BC Course, as outlined by the College Board, will be presented. “Best practices” for presenting the content is modeled for the participants, as well as discussion on strategies that allow for differentiated instruction. Topics will be spiraled and integrated in a natural progression. It is vital participants plan to share and participate in this interactive week. Alternative assessments, as well as student work, will be presented as a part of daily sessions. AP exam problems will be examined and discussed to foster an understanding of the material and the College Board philosophy. Textbooks from a variety of publishers will be available for participants to examine and keep. Textbook selection will be a focal point of one of the sessions. Again, all participants are expected to participate in daily discussions in what should be a wonderful, interactive week. If you have any questions before the Institutes begin, please feel free to contact me as the schedule is tentative and will be adjusted to the participants.