Government and Politics, United States Combined Teachers – APSI Course Description

(for teachers who have never taught AP or have 1-3 years  AP experience)

Jonathan Milner, NC School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC

Welcome to the AP GoPo section of the AP Summer Institute.

The 2021 AP Government Summer Institute will be conducted online.
At the institute you all will:
● become familiar with the AP US Government course curriculum & exam.
● receive & create exams, lessons & supplementary materials for AP Gov.
● design lessons, exams and strategies to build student success in AP Gov.
● learn and practice AP US government content and skills.
● practice integrating technology into the AP US Government curriculum.
● prepare for the AP US Government and Politics course and exam.
During our institute we will cover
● Goals
● Concerns, expectations, questions
● AP Curriculum
● AP Access and Equity
● AP exam structure
● National AP statistics
● Landmark Court Cases
● Foundational Documents
● AP Government Skills
● Building an AP syllabus
● Multiple choice exam review
● AP FRQ Workshop
● AP Multiple Choice Workshop
● Model lessons
● Journal reviews
● Primary sources for the redesign
● Outside readings
● Textbook selection
● Building critical thinking
● Supplementary materials and programs
● Technology, technology, technology
● Projects
● Engaging student citizens
● Learning and teaching online
Please have the following on hand for the summer institute
● Your schedule (for 2021-2022 – if you have it)
● Your textbook (if you have a textbook.)
● The AP Government Course and Exam Description.

We will use the following platforms extensively
Google Classrooms
Feel free to contact me with questions:
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