World History, Combined Teachers – APSI Course Description

(for new and experienced AP teachers)

Charles HartWestmont High School, Westmont, IL

The intent of this weeklong workshop in AP World History Modern is to introduce the basic strategies, pace, and content of the course to teachers new to the program and to expand on essay evaluative procedures, note taking strategies, and analytical thinking processes for the more experienced teachers. Best practices and lesson plans will be available for everyone with a clear focus on the not-so-new format. Topics emphasized will be determined, in part, by the needs identified by the participants but
will also include the following:
 The AP Classroom: College Board has provided new tools to help you discover your students’ needs. Let’s take advantage of them.
 Content versus Skill: It’s a constantly moving teeter-totter; let’s talk about the magic formula.
 Textbook Selection: we will evaluate the best books.
 The Course Description: College Board provides it and says it’s what you need to successfully teach the course (but we need to quickly get beyond its cookie-cutter suggestions).
 To Lecture or Not: There are alternatives to the “sage on the stage.” The bottom line is to what extent do you have to repeat what the textbook already says.
 Note taking Strategies: Most (all?) of your students don’t know how to do it. This workshop has several suggestions that will get your kids beyond Cornell and make the textbook relevant.
 Is the Course a Stairwell, an Elevator, or an Escalator?: One is too slow, one is too exclusive, and one is just right for you. Let’s talk pace.
 When to Hold Their Hand and When to Kick Them in the Butt: After all, it is AP . . . and sometimes they have to Just Do It!
 Essays, Essays, and More Essays: Strategies, evaluative techniques, and rubrics. How are they evaluated by the CB Readers and how do you evaluate them in your school? What are the trends? You will read and we will evaluate.
 To Review or Not: You better do it. And this workshop will have some tried and true ideas, including test-taking strategies, graphic organizers, and review terms. Literally dozens of activities will be provided.
 Sample Lesson Plans: A smorgasbord of lesson plans, some requiring as little as 5 minutes to prepare, will be modelled with the idea of melding content and skills and all geared toward the AP historical thinking skills.
 The Nine Commandments of Teaching AP: This is no return from the mountain but in reading for College Board since the 1980s I have put together a philosophy that might be worth sharing. I know they have served me well over the years.
Besides the above, a thumb drive will be provided with best practices, sample essays and essay responses, multiple choice guidelines, over 300 pages of AP-level multiple choice questions, and much more. Participants are asked to have a copy of their textbook on hand. If there are any questions, please contact me at I look forward to working with you.