Student Testimonials

What Do We Offer?

The Department of Education offers one major in Elementary Education for prospective elementary school teachers and teacher leaders.

Two minors are housed within the Department of Education. The minor in Secondary Education is intended for prospective high school teachers and teacher leaders in the fields of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

The minor in Schools, Education, and Society is intended for students who have an interest in any of the educational topics mentioned above but are not pursuing a teaching license. Students in the SES minor come from majors across the Wake Forest campus, including but not limited to Communication, Economics, English, Health & Exercise Science, Mathematics, Politics & International Affairs, Psychology, and Sociology.

The Department of Education also houses the university’s College-to-Career Course Series, which is designed to provide Wake Forest students with a unique opportunity to receive course credit to explore personal attributes that influence future academic and professional decisions and to consider the factors that create a meaningful, fulfilling life after Wake Forest.

Four Master of Arts in Education programs are available for prospective graduate students, including a Dual Degree Graduate Program with the School of Divinity.

Courtney Fadley – Graduate Student, Master of Educational Studies

Lily Richards – Graduate Student, Secondary Education, Master Teacher Fellows

Caroline Pope – Graduate Student, Secondary Education, Master Teacher Fellows

Taylor McCabe – Elementary Education – Non-licensure Pathway

Hannah Murrow – Schools, Education and Society Minor