Kristin Bennett Helps Design Digital Biology Textbook

Thanks to the collaboration of Assistant Professor Kristin Redington Bennett, Associate Professor of Physics Jed Macosko, Senior Lecturer in Biology Dan Johnson (Principal Investigator on the project), and a digital learning company, Odigia, there is now a new option for students in introductory Biology classes, in the form of an interactive, electronic textbook called BioBook. […]

New Zealand Partnership Featured in the Local News

Two Elementary Education student teachers from the Department of Education were recently featured in several local news venues for their participation in an international exchange this semester. Laura Mayerchak and Caroline White spent the fall semester working in Meadowlark Elementary School classrooms and helped facilitate an informational exchange with students at Pt. England Primary School […]

Students and Faculty Present at 2011 NC Council of Teachers of Mathematics Meeting in Greensboro

Mathematics Education Students at NCCTM 2011

Mathematics education students and faculty presented at the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics(NCCTM) Annual Meeting in Greensboro on October 27, 2011. “GeoGebra is Golden” was the title of the presentation, which addressed the use of technology in meeting the goals of the Common Core State Standards. Participants included Caroline Ewald, Anna Hester, Samantha […]

Four New Faculty Members Join Department of Education

The Department of Education is happy to introduce four new faculty members to the department this year. Donal Mulcahy joins the department as an Instructor and will be teaching EDU 201, Foundations of Education, and EDU 311, Educational Psychology. Sandy Sikes joins the department as a Clinical Visiting Instructor and will be teaching our field […]

Students Present at 2010 North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

Nine Mathematics Education students from Wake Forest University presented at the 2010 North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference on October 28th, 2010. Please check out their presentations in PDF form below. Wall Street Tycoon – Brian Smith Big League Salary – Lauren Redman and Phil Brame Eggcellent! – Heidi Arnold and Cayce Poindexter The Math of […]

Students Present at 2009 North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference

Authentic Assessments in Algebra Authentic assessment involves mathematical problems which are set in a real-world context. Students are required to perform mathematical operations on realistic (or real) data and to use these outcomes for reasoning and sense making. Authentic assessments will involve content standards, 21st century skills, and technology. Eight students presented at the 2009 […]