College to Career Series

EDU320 – Strategic Job Search – resume review and recruitment workshop

College to Career Courses

EDU 120. Personal Framework for Career Exploration (1.5h) First course in the College to Career series. Focuses on student self-assessment including personal attributes such as values, interests, personality/temperament, strengths, beliefs. Begins with process of connecting student attributes with the exploration of options in the world of work. Open to all students, but designed for first- and second-year students.  Half Semester.

EDU 220. Options in the World of Work. (1.5h) Second course in the College to Career series. Explores structure of the world of work, job functions, and roles. Focus on nature and expectations of the world of work, including exploration of opportunities aligned with interests of students, and correlation between careers and education, career trajectories, graduate school, employment trends and the unique role work plays in creating meaning in the life of the individual. Open to all students, but designed for first and second year students. Half semester. P/C – EDU120 or POI

EDU 320. Strategic Job Search Processes. (1.5h) Third course in the College to Career series. Provides students with the fundamental knowledge, strategies, and skills required to conduct an effective job search including professional written and verbal communication; interviewing techniques; networking and other job search strategies; the branding and marketing of oneself; and evaluating offers and negotiation. P – EDU120 and 220 or POI. Half semester.

EDU 360. Professional and Life Skills. (1.5h) Fourth course in the College to Career series. Transition to life and work after college. Discusses work ethics and etiquette, work relationships, and ongoing career management. Also covers personal skills such as budgeting and financial management, stress management, and avocations. Course applies liberal arts education to successful, meaning life after college, including creation of an e-portfolio demonstrating professional competencies gained through the course of their Wake Forest experience. Senior standing only. Half semester.