Students and Faculty Present at 2006 NC Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Leah McCoy and eight Mathematics Education students present at the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference in October 2006. Please see the links below for lesson plans and other materisla presented by Dr. McCoy and her students. All files are in PDF format.

Navajo Codes in World War II by Caroline Adkisson

Geometry, Pi, and Ancient Civilizations by Alisa Mook

Geometry, Islamic Art and Culture by Katie Simpler

The Ishango Bone: Mathematics in Ancient Africa by Justin Allman

International Cribs by John Troutman

Comic Characters by John Troutman

Teaching Probability with Nigerian Influences by Jenny Kropff

Proportions and Swedish History by Sarah Greer

Math and Latin Music by Amanda Barnes

Patchwork Quilts and Native American Culture by Leah McCoy