Science Education

Are you interested in teaching science?

Undergraduate Programs

Education Licensure Minor.  If you are an undergraduate student with a major in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics and you wish to teach high school, you should consider the Education Licensure minor.  This minor includes 30 hours of coursework and field work in local high schools, including student teaching.  Upon successful completion, you will be recommended for the NC Teaching License, which transfers to most other states.  See more information on the secondary education page.

Schools, Education, Society (SES) minor.  If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in education, but not in a teaching license, you should consider this minor.  Students may choose to focus on science or on general education. 17 hours with focus on current issues such as social justice, diversity and literacy.  See more information at the SES minor page.

Graduate Programs

Master Teacher Fellows Program (MTF).

This is a fifth year program leading to master’s degree and teaching license.  It is a 13-month program, including coursework and fieldwork.  See graduate programs overview.

Master Teacher Associates (MTA).

This advanced licensure program is for teachers with a current license.  It lasts 13 months, including coursework and other requirements to foster extension of the candidate’s development in content, pedagogy, and leadership. See graduate programs overview.

Master of Educational Studies Program (MES).

This program is for graduate students who are interested in education, but choose not to seek a teaching license.  Students may choose focus on science or on general education. See graduate programs overview.

For more information about the science education program, please contact Dr. Debbie French.