Dr. Debbie French

Assistant Professor

Office: Tribble B204
Email: frenchd@wfu.edu
Phone: 336-758-3764

Dr. Debbie French is an Assistant Professor of Science Education and Director of Secondary Education at Wake Forest University. She is a former high school physics, physical science, and engineering teacher. She teaches secondary and elementary science education methods, an instructional design, assessment, and pedagogy course, as well as action research courses. Dr. French’s research interests include, physics and astronomy education research, climate change education, preservice and inservice science teacher preparation and professional development, and exploring best practices for incorporating authentic scientific inquiry in secondary science classrooms. She is a former chair of the Physics Teacher Preparation Committee for the American Association of Physics Teachers. From 2010-2022, Dr. French served as the co-PI on a National Science Foundation Grant entitled, “The STEM Guitar Project.” This grant provided funding to teach K-16 teachers how to build electric and acoustic guitars and how to use the guitar as an engaging vehicle to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Dr. French also serves on the Editorial Review Board for CITE-Science and ASTE Innovations.

Click on the following link to download a .pdf of Dr. French’s CV.  DFrench CV Oct 2019

First Year Seminar (FYS) 100: CO2 and the Future of Earth

EDU 298: Elementary Science Methods

EDU 307/717: Instructional Design, Assessment, and Technology

EDU 354/654: Content Pedagogy (Science Education)

EDU 364L/664L: Student Teaching Internship

EDU 643: Teaching Elementary STEM

EDU 665: Professional Development Seminar
EDU 715: Action Research

EDU 716: Professional Growth Seminars

EDU 781: Methodology & Research I (Science)

EDU 783: Methodology & Research II (Science)

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