Education Library

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The Education Library/Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) is situated in the basement of Tribble Hall in room A2. Tribble Hall is building #13 on this campus map.

Historically, this space has served students in the Department of Education who are working in local schools as part of student teaching and other clinical experiences. The Education Library’s primary collection, Joseph O. Milner Children’s Literature Collection–named after Dr. Joseph Milner, Professor Emeritus of English Education at Wake Forest University and Chair of the Department of Education for 28 years–is ever-growing and contains more than 4000 titles, including young adult literature, picture books, non-fiction, and biography. The collection itself is searchable in the ZSR Library Catalog.

Ms. Tracy Ebert serves as the coordinator of the Curriculum Materials Center and manages the Education Library. Mr. Kyle Denlinger is the Department of Education’s liaison to ZSR Library, where he works as the eLearning Librarian. 

In the fall of 2018, the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) Committee formed and tasked itself with revitalizing the space and collection so that it more closely resembles a school library media center and is better suited to Department of Education students as well as children, adolescents, young adults, and parents from the local community.

Throughout this revitalization project, the committee envisioned providing greater access to current, relevant, representative reading material and greater opportunities for literacy development to the students and teachers on campus throughout the year as well as the parents/guardians who are employed at Wake Forest University.

In pursuit of this vision, the project team worked together to:

  • Reduce the size of the collection to allow for the addition of current, relevant titles from contemporary authors.
  • Make the collection more usable by young readers and others by physically reorganizing and color-coding the collection according to content and age range.
  • Preserve and send to storage certain award-winning, rare, or otherwise important titles that, while not relevant to the needs of children and student teachers, are of historical or research value.
  • Identify children’s book awards that will be automatically purchased in order to ensure a current, diverse, high-quality collection.
  • Pursue funding through grants or donors to refresh the physical space with new, more flexible furniture

The CMC Committee consists of the following Wake Forest faculty and staff:#WeNeedDiverseBooks at Wake Forest University