Conceptual Framework

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Conceptual Framework

This logo is designed to represent our guiding principles, each a strong commitment to enhance the performance of teacher candidates. Reflection is at the heart of performance and the six other principles mediate reflection and performance. Caring is at the top of the principles because without caring, there cannot be reflection that focuses on the needs of students nor can performance be truly effective. Content is at the base of the Conceptual Framework to represent the need for a solid foundation in content knowledge to ensure high quality performance. The four remaining principles are equally important to teaching and learning that resounds for all students in the classroom.

Content Teachers have a broad knowledge, know the content appropriate to their specialty, understand the ways their teaching area connects to the broad curriculum, and know relevant applications of the content they teach.

PedagogyTeachers know the ways learning takes place and use a variety of methods to teach and assess learning. They are expert communicators, have strong technology skills, plan instruction that is appropriate, use a variety of tools, teach critical thinking and problem solving skills, help students develop skills of teamwork, leadership, and cooperation, and instill a love of learning.

Diversity – Teachers demonstrate their belief that diversity in all its forms is a strength. They prepare students to be globally competent and culturally aware, know and respect the influence of diversity on a child’s development, adapt their teaching to students with special needs, and work collaboratively with the families of their students.

LeadershipTeachers lead in their classrooms and school, advocate for schools and children, function effectively in a complex community environment, meet high ethical standards of practice, and advocate for the teaching profession.

Reflection – Teachers analyze their teaching, collaborate with colleagues, use and conduct research to inform their practice, and continue to grow professionally.

CaringTeachers enjoy spending time in the company of children and young adults, learn about each of their students, maintain the dignity of each student, and express pride in their students’ accomplishments.

Technology – Teachers recognize that their students must possess the knowledge and skills to function in a 21st Century environment. Accordingly, they use technology effectively and appropriately to enhance instruction, assessment, productivity, and communication with school and professional communities.