Wake Innovative Noyce Scholars

About WINS

WINS is a graduate teacher education program in science and mathematics at Wake Forest University. It is a part of the Master Teacher Fellows (MTF) program. In the 13-month program, participants earn the teaching license and the Master of Arts in Education degree.

The purpose of the program is to recruit, train, and mentor high school science and mathematics teachers for high need schools. The program includes coursework, field experiences, and pedagogical research.  Candidates will be mentored through the first two years of teaching in professional development and support communities.ash.jpg



WINS is funded by the Noyce Scholarship Program of the National Science Foundation.




Applicants should be U.S. citizens and have a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics or science (or equivalent coursework), with grade point average of 3.0 or higher, GRE scores (verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing) above 50th percentile, recommendations and personal statement. Video interview is required for finalists.

Candidates should indicate commitment to teaching and supporting diverse learners in high need schools.

Minority candidates are encouraged to apply.


WINS Fellowships include full tuition waiver and $19,000 stipend in return for commitment to teach for two years in a high need school. Up to eight fellowships will be awarded each year (2010-2013).  The program has received an extension through the 2013-2014 school year for eight additional fellowships.


Candidates should apply to the MTF Program and indicate they are interested in the Noyce Fellowship. Applications are due on January 15 of each year for cohort beginning the following June. See link at left.