Elementary Education Program (K-6)


Undergraduate Elementary Education Major

To earn a North Carolina Elementary teaching license (K-6), Wake Forest undergraduates must major in Elementary Education. A student may choose a second major or a minor in another department. 

Prior to formal  admission to the program, undergraduate students must take the following courses in the Department of Education:

  • EDU 201 – Educational Policy and Practice
  • EDU 201L – Field Lab I
  • EDU 311 – Learning and Cognitive Science

These courses are usually taken during the freshman or sophomore years, or fall of the junior year. EDU 201 and EDU 201L should be taken concurrently. An Elementary Education advisor can assist you with special circumstances.

The following course must also be taken as part of the graduation requirements for an Elementary Education major. 

  • EDU 395: Teaching Diverse Learners

This course is usually taken in the freshman or sophomore years, or during the fall of the junior year. Some students complete this requirement during the spring semester of their senior year.

Formal Admission to the Elementary Education Major

Admission to the major requires a formal application and includes the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of EDU 201, EDU 201L, and EDU 311.
  • Provide Evidence of Meeting NC State Testing Requirements.
  • Possession of a grade point average of 2.70 or higher (minimum 2.70 must be maintained throughout the program).
  • Successful completion of an interview with the Elementary  Education Committee or a faculty designee.
  • Positive recommendations as a strong candidate for teaching by the instructors of EDU 201, 201L, and 311.

The formal application, submission of supporting documentation,  and completion of these requirements must be completed by January 1st of the junior year.

Once admitted to the program, students become teacher candidates, form a cohort, and are immersed in education coursework during the spring semester of their junior year and fall semester of their senior year. Recommendation for licensure in North Carolina occurs upon completion of all program requirements, usually in the spring of the senior year.

Teaching licenses are issued through the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. All licensing questions should be addressed to Neelam Awan, the WFU Department of Education Licensure Officer.

For course details, please see the Elementary Education Course of Study.

For a printable graphic, see the Elementary Education Program Infographic.


The Elementary Education Handbook is currently under revision and will be updated for the Spring 2021 semester.

Apply Online

The Elementary Education Application can be completed online and submitted to Dr. Neelam Awan. For questions about this application form, please contact Dr. Awan, Teacher Licensure Officer for the Education Department.

Graduate Elementary Education Programs

We offer two graduate programs in Elementary Education. Both the initial Master Teacher Fellows (MTF) and advanced Master Teacher Associates (MTA) in Elementary Education are fully accredited.

The Elementary Education MTF program, an initial-licensure program, involves coursework and fieldwork, including one semester of full-time student teaching. This program lasts 1.5 years.

The Elementary Education MTA program, an advanced-licensure program, provides an extension of the candidate’s current teaching license. It lasts for thirteen months and includes coursework and fieldwork to foster the candidate’s development in content, pedagogy, and leadership.

For more information, see the curriculum templates on the graduate program website.

Application, admission, and financial aid information can be found on the graduate program admissions information page.

For More Information

For information about the Elementary Education program, please contact one of the Elementary Education faculty listed below.

Elementary Education Faculty


Headshot of Dr. Donal Mulcahy

Professor Laura Bilton

Dr. Patricia Cunningham Dr. Donal Mulcahy

For more assistance with advising, prospective Elementary Education majors should contact Dr. Donal Mulcahy.