Conceptual Framework

2021 revised conceptual framework graphic including  Engagement, Experience and Leadership at the bottom, purpose and the Department of Education logo in the middle and Knowledge in the top, each in their own hexagonal shape, forming a quasi-pyramidal tower shape altogether. Longer description of the image and its purpose appear alongside image on this page. Links to larger image.

This conceptual framework is designed to represent the five central components that guide our department’s commitment to supporting current and former students, the university, and the extended community. The pursuit of Knowledge sits atop the framework and includes our passion for and engagement in teaching and learning, research-based practices, social and historical foundations, and education policy. Purpose drives our decision-making processes, including recruiting faculty, staff, and students who demonstrate caring dispositions and a desire to establish lasting relationships built on equity and social justice through education, service, and community engagement, all of which support the university’s motto of Pro Humanitate (For Humanity). At the root of this purpose, our framework is grounded in three areas: engagement, experience, and leadership. We strive to find multiple, diverse methods of Engagement for our undergraduate and graduate students, emerging teacher leaders, and career professionals and alumni. Much of our student engagement is explored through varied forms of professional Experience, including placements and positions in classrooms, schools, and school districts as well as opportunities within numerous local, national, and international organizations. As our students and graduates mature and grow, they find themselves well positioned and prepared to become experts and leaders in their field, including but not limited to positions in teacher, school, community, and public policy Leadership.

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