Licensure Application Process

The License Application Process outlined below is intended for any Wake Forest University student who is eligible for a North Carolina License having successfully completed one of the North Carolina State Approved Licensure programs at Wake Forest University.

Effective August 1, 2015 new and existing professional educators must apply for and update their North Carolina licenses online by using the NCDPI Online Licensure System.

General Licensure Notes:

  • Once you have completed your Wake Forest Licensure Program and satisfied all licensure requirements, you can apply for your North Carolina License. The license you will receive from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) will be an Initial license in your content area. An initial license is issued to anyone who has 0-3 years of experience. Once you have three years of teaching experience, and you have satisfied all State Board of Education requirements, you will move to a continuing license, which is renewable every five years. Your license will be issued at the level of your degree: A level = Bachelor’s, M level = Master’s, S = Specialist Level (School Counselor).
  • Timeline: You should plan to take and pass all necessary licensure tests prior to graduation.  It is also suggested that you complete and submit your NCDPI online licensure application around the time of graduation. You must request your official transcript which will be available approximately a week after your graduation date and include it in your NCDPI online licensure application before your application can be certified.  It can take NCDPI up to 10 weeks to process your application. Once your license is ready, NCDPI will send you an email along with instructions on how you can go into the system and print out your license.
  • In the interim of you receiving your license, if you need a “Letter of Verification” for a potential employer, please feel free to email or call the licensure office.
  • You are welcome to contact our licensure office if you have questions:  Dr. Neelam Awan.

To assist Wake Forest students User Guides to NCDPI’s Online Licensure System have been created:

NCDPI Online Licensure System User Guide Part-1-Create an Account 

NCDPI Online Licensure System User Guide Part-2-Apply for North Carolina Initial Professional License


NCDPI Online Licensure System User Guide Part-2- Update if you Hold a North Carolina License

*PLEASE email the licensure officer, Dr. Neelam Awan, after submitting the licensure application for a final review and authorization.